Our vision is to help create a more inclusive society while building awareness of the true dedication our Paralympians commit to their country and their sport while facing great adversity.

Our vision is to inspire people to get to achieve their goals, even if they didn’t realise they had goals before our events. All of our athletes have turned their misfortune into distinguished accomplishments which we see transcend positivity across classrooms and seminars we organise.

Our vision is to help support para-athletes so they can continue to accomplish even more astonishing goals to in turn give back to the community in the form of our services.

Our vision is to help discover the next generation of potential Paralympians tucked away in the corner of an assembly, and introduce children to sports they had no idea were available to them.

Our vision is to combine sport and para-sport to become more inclusive and blur the lines of disability sport and able-bodied sport to create all-encompassing sports clubs. We have started this journey by sponsoring a basketball club “highrollers” and a racing club “Harlow Wheelchair Racing Club”